Hereís our spec-sheet comparison of the Nissan Navara vs Ford Ranger (VL N-Warrior and Bi-Turbo Wildtrak) to decide which one is an ideal pick-up truck to you. Letís get it on with Philkotse!
In terms of exterior features, the Ford Ranger is obviously more off-road ready than the Navara, and the Ranger uses a leaf spring suspension system at the rear, making it more capable of carrying loads. About dimensions, the Wildtrak stands wider, although the Navara owns a longer wheelbase, a longer body, and higher ground clearance.
As regards inside space, both trucks can comfortably seat up to five people and have ergonomic front cabins. Nonetheless, passengers in the Ranger would relish more entertainment and comfort with a larger touchscreen and dual-zone automatic climate controls rather than the Navaraís manual aircon switches.
When horsepower and torque is concerned, the Ford's twin-turbo diesel is clearly superior. It runs on this powerhouse, making 213 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque as well as stretching its legs on highway cruises thanks to the 10-speed A/T. Meanwhile, the Nissan Navara 2019 makes 23 less HP and 50 Nm less torque compared to the Ford car, still regarded as a powerful pick-up truck in the country.
The Wildtrak also offers various driver-assist features such as forward-collision warning, traction control, lane departure warning, and blind-spot detection system. Plus, there is an auto emergency braking system. On contrary, the Navara VL N-Warrior has less active safety tech on board but for the Nissan Intelligent Mobility suite which includes 360-degree camera, hill start assist and hill descent control.
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