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Affiliations The name of the institution in which the authors were working at the time the study my paper writer was carried out should be ...

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    The name of the institution in which the authors were working at the time the study my paper writer was carried out should be specified, as well as providing contact information such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and other contact information of the author for correspondence.

    Definition of authorship
    Authors of an article must have participated in the work to a sufficient degree to assume public responsibility for its content1, and must meet the three requirements established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors: essential contribution to the conception and design of the study, to obtaining the data or to their analysis and interpretation; writing the draft of the article, or critically reviewing it and making important contributions to the content; and giving approval of the final version.

    Other types of research collaborations, such as data collection, funding, or mentoring, should be acknowledged in the Acknowledgments section.

    Currently, some journals request and publish information on the specific contribution of each of the persons cited as participants in the study, at least in the case of original research.


    Better known as abstract, it appears immediately after the title of the article. Its purpose is to allow the reader to quickly and precisely identify the basic content of the article.

    It is a very important part because it is what appears in bibliographic databases. After the title, it is the most read section of the article. In its electronic version, the interested parties access it many more times than the article itself, and by reading it they can determine the relevance of the topic covered in the article to later decide whether they are interested in consulting its content or not.

    When preparing an abstract, it is important to have a clear idea of the reader to whom it is addressed, use a simple style and wording, avoid excessive technicalities, be concise and brief.

    The abstract should not be longer than 250 words and should be written in the third person, past tense, except for the last paragraph or concluding sentence.It should not provide information or conclusions that are not present in the text, nor should it cite bibliographic references. It should make clear the problem under investigation, the main objectives and scope of the research, describe the methodology used, summarize the results and generalize with the main conclusions.

    They should not include abbreviations or acronyms, for a better understanding. It should be written in the native language and in the foreign language required by the editorial body, generally English.

    It is usually required in a single paragraph, although it can also be written in the lab report order of what is known as a structured abstract, which consists of a synthetic description, in independent paragraphs, of each of the structural parts of the article, which increases the information contained in them as well as their readability. However, the format required for writing the abstract differs from one journal to another, so authors should prepare them according to the standards of the chosen journal.

    Bearing in mind that for many potential users of the information the abstract will be the only thing they will read, it is important that the abstract be as quantitative as possible, except in the case of a qualitative study. For this reason, it should reflect not only whether the differences were statistically significant, but also offer values that give the reader objective elements of the results of the study.

    As with the title, the habit of writing it after the rest of the article has been written should be established.

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