Diamond painting is a new craft that is currently popular at all ages. The finished diamond paintings are usually hung in the living room or living room for viewing.

But sometimes we need to save the unfinished 5D diamond painting, or when we want to give the diamond painting as a gift to others, in these two cases, we have to roll up the diamond painting. Therefore, some people will wonder, can the diamond painting be rolled up? Will it damage the diamond painting?

For most people, rolling up a diamond painting is a very frightening process. After all, it is a hard work made by oneself. If it is damaged, it is a waste of one's own efforts. In fact, as long as you have mastered the method, the diamond will not be damaged when you roll it up. At present, there are diamond painting pads that can be used to roll up diamond paintings, and unfinished or completed diamond paintings can be placed. The method of use is the same as the method of rolling sushi, which is relatively simple and convenient.

In fact, rolling up the diamond painting is also a good storage method, which can protect the diamond from being dropped or damaged, but it should not be too long, it will damage the diamond painting. When you need to unfold the diamond painting, you can use heavy books or other objects to flatten the diamond painting. The longer it is pressed, the flatter it will be.