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ipad mini wifi or ipad mini wifi & cellular?

This discussion is about "ipad mini wifi or ipad mini wifi & cellular?" in the "Apple Devices" forums.
Please help me decide what to buy by answering my inquiry below: 1. Ang wifi ba faster even sa mga public wifi like SM or ...

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    Default ipad mini wifi or ipad mini wifi & cellular?

    Please help me decide what to buy by answering my inquiry below:

    1. Ang wifi ba faster even sa mga public wifi like SM or ayala?
    2. Pls explain icloud. Can this be my virtual storage device and have access as long as naa ko net? Pila sad ang storage. Im planning to buy 32 GB only.
    3.Naa na ba existing data plan ang mga network for ipad mini?
    4. Lig on ba ang battery? if maguba naa ba mapalitan.

    This would be my first apple device mao gusto ko masure kay mahal ra ba..


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    1. regarding wifi or cellular data, I had the same problem. I bought an ipad 3 and ipad 4. With my ipad 3, I insisted on cellular data. It was stolen and so I bought an ipad 4 and with the ipad 4, I realized I did not use the cellular data often coz I just used the wifi so I chose the wifi only and grabe ka sulit. If I were you, think about it a lot... The difference with cellular data and wifi is kinda big. It's around 5k...
    2. I never used the icloud... but when you get your ipad, set it up para if ever "simbako" something happens, matrace lang siya... and the 32 GB is really big na. My first one was 16 GB and it was good enough. My 2nd was 32 and I never filled it up to the max...
    3. I am not sure about the ipad mini and data plans...
    4. the problem with all apple devices are the battery and the home button... I changed my devices from apple to samsung and I really love my Note 2... It has extra battery and even storage.,.. I can view anything from youtube to java in my phone so I am extremely happy with samsung.,.. Not trying to discourage apple but Apple is very smart... They made their devices in a way that you have to change it on a yearly basis or 2 years later but it's not for long use... yes, it's nice but that's their marketing strategy which is absolutely great. Griffin, Speck, Otterbox, Capdase; they all make cases for apple devices which make it more appealing coz well the cases are cute and all but for me, apple is not practical since it's not a stand-alone gadget, you need another one just to view java and stuff.,..

    all in all... I'm trying to say, it's really up to you if you have th luxury to try it then go... apple is a great brand. It gets destroyed easily and battery life gets depleted quick;y but it's really nice to use

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    thanks bro.

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    if WIFI sa public area imong saligan, ayaw jud pag salig, ky dle ra ikaw ang nka access ana ilang free wifi,

    mine is with cellular date, my reason jud ngano nag sim ko, ky sooner or later, mu adto kog place na wala juy wifi. . .32gig pod ako, gamit ni sya if heavy ka mu install ug mga 3rd party apps,music,videos, games. .

    existing data plan? hmm naka basa ko sa globe, pero sa makati raman cgro nila ge offer, try to ask lng usab, basin naa na sila. .

    as of this moment, prepaid nano sim ra sa globe akong ge use, nahan tako mu apply nilag mobile net, maski powersurf lng, ambot if okay raba pod nila, and mayta ilang e LTE nano sim ky ang ipad mini LTE enabled naman. .

    Batt issues, kusug mu kaon kung nka net ka. hehe, better search pod on how to save battery. .

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