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    • Published on 04-03-2015 10:00 AM  Number of Views: 26644 

      This week is the Holy Week and for us, Holy Week means-- fasting! Fasting does not necessarily denote food but sacrificing ourselves by shunning away from things or stuff that we normally do and can't live without. Some people right now are fasting by staying away from social media, or lesser movies, ...
      Published on 07-20-2013 08:00 AM  Number of Views: 4955 
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      Rainy season is finally here!

      After two months of scorching heat, rains are finally pouring down, extinguishing the heat all over the land. It's time for those sneakers and rubber shoes to take over colorful flipflops. When it comes to food, if halo-halo and ice cream are summer's favorite ...
      Published on 09-06-2012 11:39 AM
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      I fancy how things are made--like how babies are made and why are Storks carrying a baby in a bundle of fabric. I haven't seen a Stork in real life, you know. One time, I was curious how babies are made, so... I read lots and lots of books. What are you thinking?

      They say with proper ...
      Published on 07-21-2012 02:01 PM  Number of Views: 5937 

      There are days when one has to satisfy a craving but just can't. I do have some of those days and when I do, I rummage through what I have in the cupboards and what is inside the ref. most often than not, a creative and imaginative mind is all it takes to make you come up with something extraordinary ...
      Published on 07-14-2012 03:08 PM  Number of Views: 3739 

      Do you want to prepare your kids' snacks to assure yourself of them eating safe and healthy food but too busy to do so?

      Here's one recipe that won't require you to be the perfect chef. It is so simple and easy it can be made in 5 minutes or less!

      Ingredients ...
      Published on 07-07-2012 10:47 AM  Number of Views: 3488 

      The personal love of food has pushed me to be more creative and have fun while doing so. I have found out that this becomes handy, especially when you become a mother. Why? It’s because we need to be creative to come up with unconventional ways of serving healthy food (e.g., vegetables, etc.) to our ...
      Published on 06-30-2012 01:32 PM  Number of Views: 3857 

      Life's simple pleasures include moments that warm you up, especially your tummy. The recipe below is a revised version of what I found from the food network site. I love to whip something up in the kitchen. I browse through recipes and customize it according to what is available or according to the ...

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