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    • Published on 08-27-2015 10:00 AM  Number of Views: 86 

      Remember the shoulder move?

      Alice Dixson (born Jessie Alice Celones Dixson), who is now hailed as one of the sexiest women in the Philippines. Alice is an actress, commercial model, and former beauty queen (Philippine representative for Miss International in 1986). She ...
      Published on 08-20-2015 10:00 AM  Number of Views: 508 

      Karen (Karen delos Reyes born Glomirose delos Reyes) and her Lolo (Rudy Francisco) in this McDonald's classic commercial which was aired 13 years ago.

      Karen is an actress and a comedian, who became famous because of this ad. She was 17 years old at that time this commercial ...
      Published on 08-13-2015 10:00 AM  Number of Views: 564 

      Imagination can run wild while eating a bag of nips. Anything can happen with a bag filled with colorful candy coated chocolate.

      Photo from Revcruz Pinterest

      You wanna see what happens in a bag of Nips?
      What ...
      Published on 08-06-2015 10:00 AM  Number of Views: 330 

      Back in the days when bonding with the bee was a reward or a treat for kids during weekends.

      Trips to Manila were made more meaningful because of visits made to the orange bee while savoring the crispy and juicy chicken.

      Mag iSTORYA ta! Post your comments below. ...
      Published on 07-30-2015 10:00 AM  Number of Views: 444 

      Anyone who grew up with this ad for sure has memorized all of the lines word for word.

      The girl in this commercial is Chantal Umali-Mercado, a child phenomenon who is now a yoga guru, a mom to a lovely daughter and a wife.

      Follow her on instagram @chantalmercado ...
      Published on 07-23-2015 09:30 AM  Number of Views: 582 

      Anyone remember this ad? Several different versions of this ad were filmed for different countries and languages

      Tagalog Version

      “Tomorrow’s People”, was aired by Coca Cola as a global ad which involved kids and teenagers from different countries to deliver that “message
      Published on 11-07-2012 12:05 AM
      Article Preview

      Is your computer killing you? We have found this interesting infographic about how time spent in front of the computer is affecting our overall health and how to avoid the long term effects of too much exposure.

      Read away and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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