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Be a SMARTLoad Retailer!

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    Default Be a SMARTLoad Retailer!

    Be a SMARTLoad retailer and get a chance to earn as much as 13% commission! Very profitable business and won't take much of your time. You don't have to own a store to be in business. You can sell to your family and friends and even load yourself! Retailer simpacks are available for only PhP 150.00. You may also opt to retain your old smart number to avoid any inconvenience. I will also provide you with merchandising materials to let others know of your business! Plus!!! 300 free text on the next month when your reload for the month reaches 3,500! Believe won't regret getting in this business. Eload is here to stay!!! For inquiries, email me at or txt to my mobile phone at (0920) 907-3998. Thank You!!!

    Why ELOAD?:

    1. less capital
    2. no inventory to maintain
    3. bigger income
    4. no more overscratching or expired prepaid cards
    5. Sales easier to keep track

    Here are the procedures:


    1. Retailer sim pack costs PhP 150.00 only. Included are 50 worth of airtime calls. You will also get one big banner which you can post in your stores.

    2. Denominations for selling are 30, 60, 115 and 200. Income is 13%. How will you earn? For the 30.00 load, only 26.00 will be deducted from you; 52.00 for the 60.00 load; 100.00 for the 115.00 load and 190.00 for the 200.00 load. In effect, you will earn 4.00, 8.00, 15.00 and 10.00 for the 30, 60, 115 and 200 loads, respectively.

    After I get you enrolled, you are now ready to use your SMARTMoney account to do SMARTLoad business. See to it that you purchased SMARTMoney Credits to avail of the freebies and reward points. If you have further questions or verification please feel free to contact (0920) 907-3998 and look for Ryan

    Where to load your SMARTMoney?

    Fast and easy! You could go to the following:

    1. To your accredited SMART Money Loading Station
    2. To any SMART Wireless Center near you.
    3. Any Banco de Oro branch and reload SMART Money over-the-counter.
    4. From your bank account to your SMART Money account via SMART's Mobile Banking Partner Banks.

    You wanna become a SMARTMoney Loading Station

    Be your own SMARTMoney Loading Station (U2), have your own set of SMARTLoad retailers safely locked under you. Open to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Interested parties, you could contact (0920) 907-3998, look for Ryan.

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    Default Re: Be a SMARTLoad Retailer!

    hey im interested on this

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    Default Re: Be a SMARTLoad Retailer!

    This is nice. :mrgreen:

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    Default Re: Be a SMARTLoad Retailer!

    ...grabeh nga bump ba...
    2005 pa man diay na nga post

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    ok pani? dugay namn diay ni na thread?

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