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    • Not Going Easy on the Greens (and Grills) at Cebu City Marriott Hotel

      The Greens and Grills buffet experience was a great choice of two worlds. Come on, when you say buffet, you don’t go there to scrimp. So whether you are on a diet, it is a myriad of green and healthy selection at the Marriott Hotel and you delve in to the greens anyway. Vegetarians will surely love this hotel promo because even if you don’t go easy on the green, you will not be guilty enough to indulge (disclaimer: as long as you have the urge to shy away from all the other choices!)

      The tummy was prepared before going to the buffet. Leave it to the amateurs to battle a buffet with a full stomach. Preparation means the stomach is shouting out for food! In this case, we were famished.
      I then fixed myself a salad drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette—this means a light starter for the grills that is to come after.

      Their salad bar is basically a mix-it-the-way-you-want-it type. This may be off to some percentage of Filipinos as salad-eating is not within our norm. For those belonging to this percentage, you may want to add the greens first (take your pick—romaine or iceberg lettuce) then top it with either vegetables (chickpeas, green bell pepper, corn, cucumber), fruits (mango, orange pineapple) or shrimps or kani then drizzle with your choice of dressing (from vinaigrettes to mayo-based—balsamic/oriental. Italian vinaigrette, honey mustard, thousand island); then finish it off with a topping of croutons and cheese.

      The Grill selection includes a choice of baked potato, French fries, grilled sweet corn, or steamed rice. The sauce choices are red wine, barbecue sauce, onion gravy, white wine cream sauce, lemon butter sauce and an array of meat: Barbecue pork spareribs, grilled chicken teriyaki, homemade beef burger, southwest grilled chicken, grilled fish w/ lemon butter, spicy grilled beef, grilled sausage.

      I helped myself with the following; southwest grilled chicken, grilled fish with lemon butter sauce, barbecue pork spareribs & spicy grilled beef. The whole family agreed that the tenderness and the doneness of the grilled meats were perfect and seasoned my son would put it, Delicious!

      From the fry, I got the vegetable spring roll which is not the usual spring roll. It is Thai-inspired and has glass noodles, shrimps and bean sprouts which for me was a good complement to the overall taste. Other fry options include: Classic fish and chips, and chicken nuggets.
      For my main event, dessert (yes, that is my main event), I loaded up my plate with sweets that could have had my sweet tooth grow an approving thumb for: Food for the gods, chocolate brownies, cheesecake and pineapple upside down cake. I love their dessert choices! My daughter specifically loved the cheesecake and my personal favourite is their brownies.

      I was able to chitchat with the chef while having dinner and learned that taste is very important in creating dishes, presentation comes after. He said that dishes should be made simple while highlighting the taste that is of utmost importance. As a homemaker, I definitely agree with the chef that the food taste is what makes it saleable to the customers. In my case, those are my kids.

      We would definitely be back again. How about you, iSTORYAns? Have you tried the Marriott buffets yet?
      Greens and Grills Buffet Prices and Schedule:
      Salad & dessert buffet P300 net
      Grilled & Fried Selection add P195 net/order
      Thursday - Saturday @ the pool bar
      6pm - 1030pm with live music from 7pm-10pm

      Schedule of Other buffets at Cebu City Marriott Hotel:
      Friday night seafood buffet
      6-1030pm at the garden cafe P1,600 net only

      Saturday night prime rib buffet
      Garden cafe, 6pm-1030pm
      P1200 net

      Bubbles & brunch buffet
      Sundays @ the garden cafe
      12noon to 2pm
      P1350 net

      International lunch buffet on weekdays
      Garden cafe P425 net

      International dinner buffet
      Garden cafe P925 net

      For reservations please call (032) 4115800

      Marie Janice Yuvallos
      Contributor-- Food and Lifestyle
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