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    • Hail to the Princess: Puerto Princesa (Part 2)

      Happy Easter, everyone! How was your Holy Week? My social media pages are brimming with beach photos, etc. which made me go reminiscing my fun trip with iSTORYAns at Palawan. I have already shared with you Part 1 of our adventure. In case you missed it, click here--> PART 1 PALAWAN TRIP!

      For those of you who have plans in going to Palawan this summer or in the near future, may this adventure share be of help! To continue, there are really so many things to do in Puerto Princesa City.

      Let me take you to some of its must- visit places:

      Are you a fan of butterflies? Head out to Butterfly Garden, a small garden with various flora and butterflies located just fifteen minutes drive away from Crocodile Farm. Lose your fear of scorpions, stick insects, beetles and lizards by holding them in your hands. If you're a photo hobbyist, the place is best for macro photography. Entrance fee is 20php per person only.
      Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center a.k.a Crocodile Farm and Nature Park is a tourist must-see. The place is very educational wherein there are some important pieces of information posted around the park. Apparently, there are like hundreds of "future lacoste" according to cooljux (lol), notoriously large (hungry) crocodiles in there and other cool animals. Entrance fee is 40php per person. There's a fluffy bearcat too (and that I didn't even know). Photo op with the crocodiles and bearcat for only 50php. Get amazed by the crazily huge trees around the park and do the never-ending-camera-flashes thing.
      You will find yourself in a Tagaytay-like scenery as your third spot at Mitra's Ranch located in Sta. Monica. Admire the panoramic view of Honda Bay and entrance is free. Look what we found, the amazingly huge Petrang Kabayo!

      Wait, there's more. You can do horseback riding, zip line and trampolines for a price. Or just simply sit down and feel the cool breeze, take pictures, walk hand in hand and enjoy the scenic view of beautiful islands near the city.

      The princess is really full of surprises. Get ready to breathe and smell the hmmm aroma of freshly baked pastries and sweet treats at Baker's Hill Bakery located in Sta. Monica Heights just a minute drive away from Mitra's -- a garden on top of a hill. Get your dose of Ube/monggo hopia, brownies, chocolate crinkles and a whole lot more that will surely make you "nomnomnom" at reasonable cost. The Ube hopia is the best seller, yes, tastier and better than those in Chinatown. If you're a foodie, don't miss this.

      Fall in love with the Princess more as she offers you a romantic getaway by experiencing the magical and superb 45-minute boat ride (with hunky boat men. Wink) down the river of Iwahig. Your evening will surely be romantic in a surreal way with your loved ones and friends feeling like in a movie while watching thousands of fireflies light up the Mangrove trees on both sides of the river. Flash a red light to the group of fireflies, and they will glimmer all at once just like a Christmas tree and seems like they are joining the stars in the sky. You are forbid to take pictures because that would disturb them. Each boat costs 600php good for 3 pax. Indeed, Iwahig Firefly Watching is a perfect ambiance of love and romance. Who knows, it could be the perfect setting for your own love story while watching the world go by. We all wanna soak up the sun! We all dream of the perfect day on a beach. We rented a boat for only 1500php for our Honda Bay island hopping. Saturday morning looks pretty good with partly sunny skies. Yet heavy rains and strong winds have been a welcome change from the heat we experienced earlier in the morning. Whoa, those enormous waves smashed and rocked our boat yet it was so much fun!
      Put your anchor out and snorkel the beautiful corals, species of fish underneath Honda Bay's clear waters for only 50php/pax at Pambato area with a complete guide. You are required to wear a life jacket. Snorkel rentals are also available in the area. Snorkeling is absolutely marvelous and you'll surely enjoy this experience.
      Prepare yourself for your next stop, a small island with countless starfish -- the Starfish Island. And yet the sky turned grey and the rain got stronger. While waiting, might as well enjoy the waves, brave the heavy rain and proceed to the last stop, Pandan Island.Pandan Island has white sand beach, numerous Pandan trees around and is now commercialized for it has a huge activity area for beach sports, restobar, massage area and many more. Have a great buffet picnic lunch for only 150php/pax. Cottages are also available for only 300php. We're in Palawan, we are there for the princess' most exciting part and the highlight of the trip, the breathtaking Underground River. And yet for the hundredth time, our trip coincided with the high tide so unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the strong current. We may not have found the answers of what Tamilok tastes like and see how they actually made it. Though we weren't able to enjoy the Honda Bay's white sand beach that much, a chance to take worthy tumblr-ish photos and we weren't able to explore and witness how beautiful Underground River is and yet, the princess didn't disappoint us. Yes. The fun must go on. The princess gave us something to remember. What made the experience fun? We all shared something in common, endless teasing, staying up too late and are tied together with the places we've been and memories we've made in Palawan - something to reminisce and laugh about in the future. Traveling together with iSTORYAn friends despite the gloomy weather made the 4D/3N-DIY trip worthwhile and the best decision we could have ever made (plus it saved us a lot of money). The spur-of-the-moment adventure always ends up being fun. Some of the best are seen by looking down. As we bid farewell to the princess, I took a quick look while riding Cebu Pacific, an aerial view of the island and promised myself, I will go back. Palawan tagged at my heart. I want to experience something more. Something more extra-ordinary that the princess has to offer. I am in love, obviously bewitched. I have now more reason to come back. It's crazier and sweeter the second time around. And if I'll have enough money for another destination, El Nido or Coron, perhaps? Truly, Palawan is the best destination to appreciate the wonders of nature. Indeed, a benchmark of what paradise is. Once again, hands down to the princess, Puerto Princesa!

      By: Maan B. Cajipe
      iSTORYA League of Writers
      Fashion and Lifestyle
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      1. poldopunk's Avatar
        poldopunk -
        Y u no go Underground River?!
      1. razorblde's Avatar
        razorblde -
        poldopunk: we were not allowed to, it was bagyo that time sad nga eh.
      1. poldopunk's Avatar
        poldopunk -
        Quote Originally Posted by razorblde View Post
        poldopunk: we were not allowed to, it was bagyo that time sad nga eh.
        that would've been the highlight. oh well, there's always a next time.
      1. razorblde's Avatar
        razorblde -
        yep yep for sure! kuyog nya sunod puhon!

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