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      Growing up in the Visayas, especially in the 80s and 90s means a whole lot of memories—from the games we play, the TV shows we watched, the songs we listened to and of course, the food we ate. The 80s and 90s were such a blast for a kid.

      Based on a discussion in our social media sites, here are the favorite things we Visayan kids wanted to put in our lunch boxes and tummies. How many are familiar to you? (The following list is not ordered by yumminess but by the picture arrangement attached in this article)

      1. Ricoa’s Curly Tops- Back when imported chocolates were not that accessible in grocery stores, local chocolates were kicking it! Take for example Ricoa’s Curly tops, a childhood favorite with a unique chocolate flavor. It is milky, creamy and sweet, perfect for small nibbles after a game of patintero or just a special request to Mom and Dad when going to church—well, that or those string balloons.

      2. Tootsie Roll- if you wanted something to gnaw and your teeth craves for sweets, tootsie roll was a treat! Chewy and chocolatey, a stick will give you loads to gnaw about!

      3. Bubble Gum- Back in the 80s, I think you could get around 4pieces per 25cents. If your mom or dad gave you some spare change, this was one of the favorite things we would buy at the stores.

      4. Icing-frosted biscuits—Okay, I totally forgot what the brand was but these were really one of my favorites before. I usually ate the biscuit first and save the icing afterwards for more chewing. The different icing colors made it more enticing.

      5. Animal crackers—Raise of hands for those who will admit this-- Who among you here ate the heads off of animal crackers first, imagining you were a big monster, sort of Godzilla-like, and just chomp off hapless animal victims? You loons! Yeah, I did that too.

      6. Bobot—Where are Bobot candies now, I wonder? Remember the free ring items? Looking back, those were like super flexible fake-golden strings that can be destroyed with one hand fist. Yet, I remembered I had a Bobot ring in every finger and felt I own the world’s rarest diamond rings.

      7. Hi-C- We didn’t have a lot of juice choices then and Hi-C was a favorite juice for us in the 80s. I forgot how it tasted, it must have been like melted Tang ice candy but yeah, all kids go gaga over a Hi-C juice box.

      8. White Rabbit- With all the candy choices now, poor old White Rabbit won’t be a kid’s first choice. But this rabbit has been in the market for years and had been a child’s favorite then. I specifically dug the chewy ones.

      9. Haw Flakes—Flashback to Grade 2 when we all had our First Communion. We had to buy Haw Flakes as practice hosts and buy it later on because the taste was addictive—unique in the sour side. And because of that First Communion practice thingie, every time I see a Haw flake, my subliminal brain immediately says, “Amen”. Way to go with the association.

      10. Ice Pops- Well, frozen juices weren’t uncommon. Ice pops were a rich kid’s ice candy. To have one was a treat. For ordinary days, we make our own ice candy—made out of Tang, Eight o’clock, fruit shakes. It was convenient, easy, and gives significance to the refrigerator’s freezer space aside from the ice.

      11. Alpine—Much has been said about the Alpine milk’s usage to health but I won’t dwell into that. I am happy that I wasn’t the only one who can relate that Alpine was one of the best milks ever invented. Don’t ask me why. It just stuck to my head or because that’s what my Mom used to have me drink before going to sleep.

      12. Mom’s Pizza—Undeniably, the best pizza for every 80s to 90s kid. Sbarro, Yellow Cab, Shakey’s, Pizza Hut? Non-existent then. Mom’s pizza was and still is the best, especially when you buy it double. You can still buy this in whole boxes and slices in some corners around the city. When I crave for these, I usually go to Mabolo church every Sunday, they sell these stuff. YuM!

      13. Maggi Noodles--- I can remember that Aladdin was shown in 1994. Why? Because I used to collect Aladdin and Jasmine stickers in every Maggi Noodles pack back in '94. It was that fun for a kid. Eating the noodles was just a secondary reason. "Hey, I got Jafar! Yes!"

      14. Bazooka Bubble Gum—And another collectible goes to the Bazooka Joe comics, present in every Bazooka bubble gum. I wonder if they still have those. Eating bubble gum was way cooler because of the readable freebies.

      Not in the picture:

      15. Tivoli Funwich- Picture this: Chocolate biscuits sandwiching vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream coated with chocolate syrup. Yes, that was Tivoli Funwich. I remember saving up P13.00 every week just to eat this with my friends over the bench at our local park. Heaven!

      16. Sustagen—Susie and Geno visiting local schools was like a school holiday, with kids saving up their Sustagen foil packs to get freebies and other Sustagen items. I cried when Geno tried to embrace me, I thought he was going to crush me or something. But yeah, their strategy was great. I drank Sustagen, I asked my parents to buy more especially when the famed mascots were scheduled to visit.

      17. Tira-Tira- these are caramelized stick candies parents used to warn us about—if we ate lots, our teeth will fall off. I never knew if these were true but I was scared to death then, I didn’t eat a lot even if I wanted to.

      18. Choco Powders with Straw—Again, I forgot the brand but there were these choco powders in sachets with a little straw that you use to sip the choco powder. We were careful not to sip fast or the powder goes to our throat and there would be a coughing frenzy.

      19. Tamarindo— Candies made out of tamarind sweetened with a few sugar bits, and if you put a bit of salt, it has this sweet-salty taste that got you asking for more. Careful not to swallow the seeds though, because if you do—the seed will grow into tree in your tummy. Now, what kid wouldn’t be afraid of that? Our parents had some scaring issues, huh? Enough with the tamarindo seeds! Hahaha

      20. Balikutsa- oohh these were our generation’s favorite then! It’s primarily dulsi hinimo hinimo gikan sa tuno sa lubi ug asukal, translated to—candy made primarily out of coconut cream and sugar/coconut candy. If you search within the internet, you can make your own balikutsa and feed your nostalgic memories to a frenzy!

      So anyway, that was what we gathered in our nostalgic lunch box discussion. What were the contents of your lunch box or what did you crave for as a kid? Hungry now? Dig in to your lunch box of memories and mag iSTORYA TA (let’s talk!)

      Our social media page and iSTORYA’s twitter account buzzed a lot lately with the topic—what is the best thing about the 80’s and 90’s? I discovered a lot of people around that generation who has a lot of nostalgic memories. We will be presenting them by categories. We would like to thank everyone who participated. Like our Facebook page and follow us in twitter —istoryanet as we give out exciting topics to talk about.
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      1. ericdu's Avatar
        ericdu -
        I truly love my childhood back in the 80's. We were so young, careless and free without the hassles of the corporate world that I am in right now. Back when we used to play Pinoy parlor games with our neighbors, sweating it out like there is no tomorrow. How I wish that I could turn back time and cherish every second of it.
      1. Jep01_Chibu's Avatar
        Jep01_Chibu -
        Magnolia Chocolait in a Bottle - The Best!
      1. beyee's Avatar
        beyee -
        totally agree with you Jep!

        Love this one every recess time...

        While I was reading through each item in the list, I was laughing because I so can relate to each of the goodies hehehe... So does that mean I'm a true-blue 80's girl? weeeeeeeee

        80's rocks!
      1. 7DMM's Avatar
        7DMM -
        nostalgic in the sense that we (my siblings and i) never had a lunch box. those were tough times for our family so we only have tupperware as container for our lunch(even that was expensive way back in the 80's, but to fit in, it was a really cool thing to have a lunch box with the current super hero/cartoon character on it). everytime i asked my parents why i can't have one, they would always say "we need money to pay for school". in such a young age it made us suck up such bitter reality. maka suya but it taught us to appreciate simple luxuries in life like a burger and siopao divided by 4 (para patas). now as a parent myself, i could look back and see that our parents did everything they could to send us to school through sacrifice. i know as much as they wanted to give us some of our whims and other fancy stuff we wanted like a lunch box (it was for us). they just can't simply afford it and have to tell us that there are more important things in life like being able to graduate with a degree. now it reminded me that i should always be thankful for all that they've given us despite of their shortcomings.

        thanks for writing this blog. made my tears drop. to my loving parents (although it was tough love) i can't thank you enough.

        "you'll never appreciate the sweetness of life if you haven't tasted the bitterness of it."- Potenciano A. Davis
      1. siopao1984's Avatar
        siopao1984 -

        wonder boy crackers. EPIC
      1. beyee's Avatar
        beyee -
        I can still recall our lunch boxes back in the days, tin lunch boxes pa to.. wala pa'y lockNlock..

        fantastic four for my bro

        rainbow brite (in red) for me

        then ni-evolve to these grayish ones

        then who wouldn't forget these ring pops?

        AND my most-faved memory of 80s candy treats was these cigarette candy sticks though local brands lang to gibaligya sa vendors sa gawas sa school namo nuon like marlboro, hope, phillip morris

        I would buy these cig sticks and pretend to take a puff while playing during recess time. Then ingkibon daun nako ang candy para it would appear na ni-upos ako cigarette candy then matching pina-shake pa sa "ashtray" kunuhay hahahaha!

        ((nalingaw ko recall dah hehehe))
      1. batang_bronse's Avatar
        batang_bronse -
        bulgor 1 peso/cap compulsory jud na pag elem. early 90's
      1. THE KID's Avatar
        THE KID -
        ang akong lunch box sa elementary katong karaan nga sudlanan sa selecta ice cream....
      1. jofer's Avatar
        jofer -
        hampy dampy(not sure of the spelling)kato mura cheese curls.dokdokon usa namo before abliha aron mura bolboron ig kaon.di makagawas ig recess ug dili mahurot ang pan baligya ni mam na
      1. neurain's Avatar
        neurain -
        shatong....bato lata...takyan...tago-tago

        mao ni ang mga dula nga duwaon sa mga bata niadto
      1. jelousofthe1's Avatar
        jelousofthe1 -
        choco powder with straw...MIK-MIK ..
      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        @7dmm: awww, i wanna hug you... yep times were hard but it's how you pull things through together as a family. i salute your parents.

        @beyee: ako lunch box kay rainbow brite pud nga pink! hehehe

        @jofer: humpty dumpty! yeah i remember! bitaw nawagtang lagi noh??

        @jealousofthe1: mikmik! that's the brand! naa pa ba??
      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        goody-goody kahinumdum pa mo? ug cheesedog nga junk food? hehehe
      1. Galadriel's Avatar
        Galadriel -
        Quote Originally Posted by jofer View Post
        hampy dampy(not sure of the spelling)kato mura cheese curls.dokdokon usa namo before abliha aron mura bolboron ig kaon.di makagawas ig recess ug dili mahurot ang pan baligya ni mam na
        Humpy dumpy mexican bbq was my favorite - this tv ad brings back memories
      1. maui1976's Avatar
        maui1976 -
        bulgor ky lami. naa pa ba na ron?
        wa mn mi lunch box sauna, dahon sa saging ra jud tawon..
      1. elaimakulai's Avatar
        elaimakulai -
        I love those Orange Swits candies sold by takatak boys
        Lips Candy (mag lipstick2x dayon)
      1. neurain's Avatar
        neurain -
        ang sayaw nga lambada ug Ice Ice baby diay mao ako mahinumduman nga sikat kaau ani nga time
      1. jelousofthe1's Avatar
        jelousofthe1 -
        @ - naa pa man koy maam, sa mga gagmay nga tindahan sa merkado.. .. mag post nya kog picture ato,,
      1. jelousofthe1's Avatar
        jelousofthe1 -
        kinsay naka hinumdom pa ani?

        ug kani sad

      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        @jealousofthe1: i remember kaayo! hahaha.. kaning 2nd pic murag ampaw nga nabungkag. lami pud..

        pwedeg naay mamaligya ani inig EB? hahaha..

        @elimakulai: hala oo ang orange swits lami jud to ay.

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