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Memoirs of an Amnesiac

  1. The First Time

    by , 05-31-2014 at 11:23 PM (Memoirs of an Amnesiac)
    When I was young, there is only one thing that motivated me about the opening of classes. Those are the new school things my parents would buy me. In my little innocent and naive heart, the smell of new pads of paper, the factory scent of cheap bags and shoes, plus newly sewn uniforms resembled that of one drug addict's reaction to "fly high" (I can only surmise because I swear I've never even tried sniffing nor taking any prohibited drugs. Well, maybe rugby, but I don't smell it when ...
  2. When You Love A Woman

    by , 05-26-2014 at 10:56 PM (Memoirs of an Amnesiac)
    I would often hear people say that "Behind every man's success (or failure) is a woman. All over history, we can always glean on personages who are either influenced or disturbed by a woman, causing them to succeed triumphantly or to fail tragically.

    It is inarguable therefore that despite women's quirkiness, men are in fact bound to get attracted to them. In the writing parlance, this is often referred to as the "femme fatale" or (as wikipedia puts it) women's seductive ...

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  3. Glued to the Tube

    by , 04-29-2014 at 12:04 AM (Memoirs of an Amnesiac)
    According to a local research, children in the younger years (say like 4 years old and below) who are frequently exposed to TV at such ages are likely to develop speech problems. I don't know whether this research is conclusive and comprehensive for this matter but I do agree that exposing oneself to the tube especially when one has not formed judgment faculties in the brain (being immature and young with a sponge-like brain) may hold true. The brain is such a complex organ that anything (as in ...

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  4. The Way You Make Me Feel

    by , 04-28-2014 at 11:19 PM (Memoirs of an Amnesiac)
    Whoever was it who said that even when one reaches 90, in some instances in one's life, one never loses his/her being 12, 18, 20 (and so on and so forth) may have been right.

    My significant other often jests about how childish I could be when I stare like a giddy starstruck fan girl of KathNiel (You know the teen age love team that's making huge crowd gathering wherever they go?). He argues that I'm too old for such things. My defense? "So what? I'm acting my age now. My 16 year-old ...
  5. i Write

    by , 04-26-2014 at 10:43 PM (Memoirs of an Amnesiac)
    Several researches have pointed out that writing is therapeutic. That just as speaking (as another form of expression) is effective, nothing disputes the fact that writing is way better. One understands that in writing, there is permanence and blatant criticism.

    I am my personal critic when it comes to writing. One student once challenged me, "Teacher, you are so up and about dissecting our works, I have never even read one that you wrote." My little ego was challenged and ...

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  6. The Hard Way

    by , 04-21-2014 at 11:35 PM (Memoirs of an Amnesiac)
    As a child, when distant relatives come to the house to check on us, my parents would often refer to me as the "hard-headed one." I remembered that with the hard skull I had, my father (in a fit of anger) would hit it with any hard things his hands grasps: a spoon, a plastic cup, what-have-you. Miraculously, they never injured any part of my brain, and would disintegrate right before my crying face (the spoon was an exception). I was stubborn and it occurred to me that as much as that ...
  7. Through the Knife

    by , 04-21-2014 at 10:52 PM (Memoirs of an Amnesiac)
    I have a preconceived aversion toward knives. I know I shouldn't be blaming the poor kitchen utensil. I do use it to cook but I have been very careful in using it since the time I first learned they could cut through and lacerate (if I may use a medical jargon) on one's skin, more so with one's life.

    Upon the advice of my surgeon, I went through thyroidectomy, a procedure done on my goiter. With subsequent tests--a biopsy, an ultrasound and thyroid panel--my doctor and I decided it ...
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