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A Recluse Out of the Hinterlands

Sembreak: A week of drama and disguise.

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by , 10-28-2012 at 09:38 PM (1446 Views)
This sign of affirmation is one of the few words that are now screaming
at the top of each student's lungs for they have been granted a
temporary break form the haggard of early morning rush and the
chaos inside the four-cornered walls in the school.

Semestral break spells bliss to almost every student who couldn't get
enough from flooding quizzes, projects and reports to mind-bleeding exams.
It is one of the anticipated weeks in which students
get a chance to expose themselves to longer hours of deep slumber
(and maybe even to sunlight too ^_^).

Though sembreaks are mostly short-term, students really savor
the days and mostly get the hang out of it by attending parties,
outings, get-aways, vacations and out-of-town trips. Some even
retire to their comfy bed and spend most of the time reading books or
novels, watching television, or envisioning themselves with their dream
wedding or a trip to the moon.

However, they are those few students who couldn't actually grasp the
magnitude of what the majority labels as "sembreak".
Students who are stuck with work barely grasp freedom on all shapes
and sizes. They are likely being tangled with fate until the time when
they'll be freed from their imaginary shackles. They envy the "normal"
students and feast their eyes on paper-works and move their way out
of errands that seems to last forever. They find momentarily bliss in the
smiles of others and in the company of a friend. They are set to have this
misery and gratefulness at the samt time.

In my case two years ago, I had the very same feeling of what is it like
to be deprived of having sembreak. Requirements were lining-up, from
clearances to exams, all were a candidates for an uneasy and ruthless week
(not mentioning the holidays). And while the real world poses a threat to a
laid-back and an unstressful life, being in the OJT state is not far away from
being there.

Unlike any ocassion and holidays, semestral break brings extreme delight to
children where they could play like there's tomorrow without the thought of
school and assignments.

Sembreak is supposedly the week of merriment. A week to relax and chill-out.
A week to recover from sleepless nights and all-nighters. A week to meditate.
A week to work-out and get back into shape. A week to decide from things
that are holding you back. A week to see yourself in someone else's shoes.
A week, a week full of plans that couldn't meet your schedules.
But a week you try to hold-on and wish it would never let go.

It would be best to let semestral break do its job rather than feeling sunken
with the side-lines and stuff you're involved.
At least, we are all thankful that such a week exists and that it really drags us
in our comfort zones again.

Yes, it's just for a few weeks, but it's somehow therapeutical and remedial.
Who couldn't say NO to that?



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