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  1. [SPECIALIST] Expert Computer and Laptop Repair

    by , 10-02-2015 at 11:16 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by rayjevztech View Post

    We are skilled, experienced and talented computer technicians from Cebu City, Philippines. We can repair, assemble and deploy computers anywhere in the Philippines. We also do home-service anytime of the day. Our expertise includes computer and laptop repairs for both hardware and software issues. We also, diagnose and fix Internet connectitivity issues or deploy and install WiFi routers in strategic location in your home or business for maximum
  2. The Sangsom Massacre

    by , 10-02-2015 at 10:45 AM
    Intense Garage Rock 4 piece hailing from the City of Angels

    Brand new music video Ignorance is Strength (Released 1st September)

    Band Facebook

    The Verses of Vice EP

    Review of our EP from Underground HK ...
  3. Taking a rest is much better than taking a risk

    by , 09-28-2015 at 10:58 PM
    Indeed. For a heart like mine who's been hurt by the one it chooses to beat. It is but a risk to fall for the next person who comes along. Better stay alone and enjoy the loneliness than fool myself thinking that something will really work out. I'm sorry if I didn't survive what we had. It's just that I came to realize that I'm not healed yet to love another love. I'm not a whole to love another soul just yet. And I'm not brave to gamble this broken heart again. It's not even a whole to start with. ...
  4. Mom's Best Lumpia Shanghai for only 20 pesos for 10pcs (No Added Preservatives / Nice Packaging)

    by , 09-23-2015 at 07:06 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by ilovecebu26 View Post
    THANK YOU sa mga nag-order na...

    For orders and inquiries, please call directly (panagsa ra ko mag-online) :
    0942-456-9173 or 0932-748-8212
  5. CIT - University Management System

    by , 09-16-2015 at 09:18 PM
    I send my grade 1 daughter today in her school and the guard of the school stop me and advise me to drop my 5 year old daughter just around the corner of the guardhaus and so to speak to let her walk to her classroom around 120 meters from the drop off with her bag which is over 5 kilos. A walk to her classroom from the drop off includes; two(2) roads that intersects vehicles, canteen which all levels has access( college students, high school, elementary, parents, guardians, etc.), bench which all ...
  6. Take it Slow, Keep Distance

    by , 09-15-2015 at 11:48 PM
    " I'm worried, we're getting too close, too quickly". These were the lines that you utterred a while ago. I was looking at your seraphic lips as they open, letting those words to come, one by one. My mind went blank as my tounge cooperated to ossify. I was lying in your sinewy arms, fondling your hairs that are almost sticking unto your scalp. " I need to release you, someday. I don't wan't to hurt you. You would be hurt more, if we'll stay together longer. "

  7. The Philippine National Space Development Program

    by , 09-10-2015 at 07:32 AM (Ink | Pen | Paper)
    A few years ago, in this blog, I wrote an entry that expresses my wish that the Philippines should have its own space agency. You can read that blog entry here:

    On September 1, 2015, the seeds of that dream have been planted. There is now a government-funded program called the National Space Development Program.


    Updated 09-10-2015 at 07:34 AM by rodsky

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